Men's Sexual Health Clinic Franchise

Opportunity for Physicians

Enhance Your Practice, and Your Lifestyle.

Become the local expert in high-demand men’s sexual health treatments and services. Improve patient outcomes, and your business.

Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men offers a turnkey medical opportunity.

Through our unique treatment techniques and specialized marketing and business programs, Precision Sexual Health Clinic can give physicians the training and support they need to become the recognized experts in their area for the provision of ED treatment and other common sexual health treatments for men.
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Become a Leading Expert

grow your business

You will enjoy enhanced income, improved lifestyle, more free time and fewer working hours.

You will also appreciate the meticulous support and assistance provided with every element as you develop your clinic. This will allow your men’s sexual health practice to flourish and for you to become a dominant provider in your market.

Another key financial benefit in building a Precision clinic is that it becomes a sellable asset. Start planning your eventual retirement now.

the Precision program

Leverage advanced methods and techniques for your patients.

Enhance your practice enjoyment and revenue.

What Does Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men Offer?

Join our team for world class training and the support needed to grow your clinic into a thriving and expanding business.

The Precision program is a turnkey system that enables physicians to add high-demand male sexual health treatments into their practice. Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men treats erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, low testosterone, premature ejaculation, and more – with easy-to-learn best practice protocols.


As a Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men physician you will receive comprehensive training for our treatments, including ED shockwave therapy, and much more.

The package of core treatments addresses multiple conditions beyond erectile dysfunction, including Peyronie’s disease, testosterone deficiency and premature ejaculation. Penis enlargement is also possible with our treatments.

Marketing and operational training are also included – as is our successful web marketing program that will have your phone ringing even before you open your new clinic.

Resources & Support

We provide everything needed to promote men’s sexual health services to your existing patient population and local community. This includes waiting room pamphlets, pre-treatment patient manuals explaining the treatments, print and email newsletters, and local Facebook posts.

Operational tools include printed and online patient forms, patient handbooks for treatment protocols and aftercare, as well as internal procedural guides with everything you need to operate your Precision clinic on a daily basis.

You will have ongoing access to training videos and a direct line to connect with Dr. Pollock and your peers at any time.


Your local web marketing platform will use proven tools and campaigns to help you grow fast, including ads on Google and Facebook, social media posting, and online reputation management, as well as supporting you in building your referral network.

Your customized Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men website will present you and your clinic as the local leader in ED treatment, and beyond. Our proven templates, adapted to your local content and clinic processes, support a strong conversion rate from your web traffic and will set you apart from any local competition. See the example of our Kelowna clinic location.

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