Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Peyronie’s disease is characterized by the development of fibrotic plaque in a man’s penis that leads to a constellation of potential symptoms including penile curvature, penile shortening, pain, and erectile dysfunction.

Peyronie’s disease can be found in up to 9% of men, most often occurring among men in their 50’s to 60’s but may occur in men of all ages.

Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men offers treatments that can reduce penile curvature and pain, and provide significant quality-of-life benefits to men with Peyronie’s.

Peyronie’s disease treatments include shockwave therapy, penile injections, oral medications, topical therapies, penile traction devices, lifestyle modifications, and surgical procedures.

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s disease is an acquired penile deformity (curvature) due to scar tissue in the penile shaft. This can cause penile pain and discomfort, can reduce or diminish the quality of erections, can complicate sexual intercourse, and can cause significant psychological burden for affected men and their sexual partners.

Peyronie’s is different from congenital penile curvature, as the latter is present since the time of birth, where Peyronie’s is acquired later in life. Some men will have penile pain associated with the onset of symptoms. Curvatures can range in severity from a slight bend to significant curves greater than 90 degrees.

Peyronie’s disease can be very distressing to both the man and their partner. In fact, among men completing depression questionnaires, nearly 50% meet the threshold for clinically meaningful depression, and just over 50% of men report relationship stress because of their Peyronie’s disease.

Progression of Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is variable among men. Based upon studies in the literature, we know that over the course of 1-year complete resolution of penile pain occurs in nearly 90% of men.

With respect to penile curvature, only 12% of men will report improvement over 1 year if left untreated, while 21-40% will report no change in symptoms and 48-76% will report worsening curvature.

In nearly all cases, treatment may reduce penile curvature and pain, and improve men’s sexual function.

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What Causes Peyronie’s Disease?

The underlying cause for Peyronie’s is not known and is under investigation in doctor’s labs around the world. What is known, is that the cells present (i.e. fibroblasts) in the structural lining (i.e. tunica albuginea) of the erectile chambers (i.e. corpora cavernosa) function irregularly and produce abnormal amounts of collagen and fibrin leading to plaque formation.

Normally, when the penis changes from a soft/ flaccid state, to an erect state, a series of neurochemical reactions occur that result in more blood entering the penis than leaves. For this to occur, the smooth muscle in the penis must relax and expand, as does the tunica albuginea (lining of these erectile chambers).

However, the lining that has a Peyronie’s plaque cannot stretch and expand like the remaining normal penis; thus, as the erection expands in length, the non-expanding plaque causes that section to be shorter than the opposite side resulting in a curve. Similarly, as the penis expands in girth with an erection, the plaque fails to expand and stretch and may result in an indentation, narrowing or tapering. Peyronie’s may also lead to erectile dysfunction by preventing normal relaxation and trapping of blood in the penile chambers (i.e. corpora cavernosa) at the site of Peyronie’s plaque.

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Making the Diagnosis

In most cases, based upon history and physical examination the doctor will be able to make the diagnosis. When the penis is flaccid, one may be able to palpate the ‘plaque’ or site of fibrosis on the penis; however, curvature to one’s penis and deformities can only accurately be assessed when the penis is erect.

When a patient is interested in pursuing treatment (i.e. the curve is both bothersome and functionally impairing), then the doctor will perform a penile curvature assessment where he or she will induce an erection with medication and perform a very detailed assessment of the abnormalities as well as ultrasound assessment of the plaque.

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Peyronie’s Treatments at Precision Clinics

ED is a treatable condition and most men are able to return to healthy sexual function with a course of treatment at Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men.

The sooner treatment is begun, the more options available and the better results you are likely to get. The aim of most treatments is to stop the disease progressing further, maintain or improve sexual function, relieve any penile pain and to straighten the bend as much as possible.

Precision franchised clinics will offer multiple complementary Peyronie’s disease treatments, and this results in a good success rate and is an important differentiation from competing providers. Our set of complementary therapies permit us to get results even when some treatments are less effective than others.

Multiple treatments are recommended, and can include:

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