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Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men is one of several successful businesses built by Dr. Neil Pollock and his team. Dr. Pollock’s own clinic, Pollock Clinics, is the source for the Gentle Procedures and Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men concepts.

At the Pollock Group of Companies we have developed scalable and profitable business models that have been adopted by affiliated doctors around the world.

This website is about the Precision Sexual Health opportunity, and you should know that Precision is not the first franchise created and supported by the Pollock Group of Companies.

Dr. Pollock and the team bring a decade of franchising experience to the table, and our existing partners will tell you of their financial and personal success as a result of joining the Gentle Procedures or Precision banners.

What Our Doctors Say About Us

In 2012 I had by chance heard about Gentle Procedures Clinic while working in a normal GP practice. As most GP’s know, the day to day drive of churning endless patients can take its toll on both mental and physical aspects.

Dr. Pollock and his clinic offered a very special niche in the medical field. Besides the impeccable training, Dr. Pollock has provided continuing support for any situation that may arise.

The franchise has not only opened a new medical opportunity for my career, but allowed me more flexibility to spend with my family. With every week in a growing practice, I feel very fortunate to be part of an organization that offers quality medical service without compromising my own lifestyle
Graham Lohlun
After ten years of a very busy, broad based family practice I was burning out. I love medicine, but the pace and stress of general practice was wearing me down. Couple that with the demands of a young family and I was feeling trapped and overwhelmed.

While reflecting on my work-life balance I received a flyer advertising the opportunity with Gentle Procedures. I took a chance and flew across the country to meet Neil. We had dinner together to discuss the business opportunity, and I then spent a day in clinic with Neil to see if the procedures were actually as good as advertised. I was blown away. From the procedures themselves, to the entire Gentle Procedures process of training, launching the business and ongoing support – it is all very thorough and impressive.

So I took the plunge, invested the time and money, and was up and running quickly. I have NO REGRETS. I have learned so much, felt so supported, and have already started to see the benefits in my life. I highly recommend this opportunity. It’s a game changer.
Kevin Christie
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Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men

Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men provides physician partners with a turnkey men’s sexual health business that includes treatments for five common sexual health concerns :

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The treatment methods for these five concerns have significant overlap and have been selected, in part, for efficiencies in treating all of them with some of the same equipment and processes.

Dr. Pollock spent years developing a scalable and easily-teachable package of men’s sexual health procedures that could form the core offer of the Precision franchise package.

Precision partners benefit from offering a relatively wide range of care with efficient processes and methods. The system runs smoothly and patient outcomes are generally excellent.

A turnkey marketing campaign, including a local Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men website, complements the strong operational processes to drive Precision clinics to lead their markets as the local expert provider in men’s sexual health.

Men’s Sexual Health Treatments Training

The training given to Precision physicians by Dr. Pollock includes:

The courses are taught in a one-on-one, hands-on live patient training format. Trainees participate in treatments and eventually perform many under supervision as part of the training experience.

Dr. Pollock will focus on the methods and skills key to consistent positive outcomes. The course is unique in the multi-treatment and holistic approach to common men’s sexual health concerns. For example, ED can be addressed with several treatment modalities, resulting in fast results and better patient outcomes.

To begin, each applicant will be guided through a set of preparatory videos. Next, they will participate in patient consultations and treatments. Then, the trainee will perform treatment procedures on live patients, with guidance.

The physician’s staff or nurse will also participate in the training, as much of the treatments will eventually be performed by staff. Like the physician, the nurse or staff member will observe and perform treatments during the training program.

the Precision program

Leverage advanced methods and techniques for your patients.

Gentle Procedures Clinic

Gentle Procedures Clinic

Gentle Procedures focuses on provision of circumcision for all ages and no-scalpel no-needle vasectomy.

Dr. Pollock developed Pollock Technique™ circumcision and is a leading circumcision and vasectomy provider in Canada, and around the world.

The heart of the Gentle Procedures franchise system is meticulous and rigorous procedural training. Our partner physicians train hands-on at Pollock Clinics, and you can see detail below.

Like with Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men, an industry-leading web marketing program helps Gentle Procedures franchisees quickly capture market share and become top providers in their market.

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Circumcision & Vasectomy Surgical Training

Dr. Pollock’s ground-breaking circumcision and vasectomy courses cover:

In his current practice Dr. Pollock has performed over 80,000 procedures to date, making him one of the world’s most experienced surgeons in circumcision and vasectomy.

The courses are taught in a one-on-one, hands-on live patient training format. Trainees participate in procedures and eventually perform many dozens under supervision as part of the training experience.

Dr. Pollock will focus on the surgical methods and skills key to consistent positive outcomes. The course is unique in that it offers an in-depth look at the surgical process in a very intensive and organized manner. To our knowledge, there is no other comparable surgical training course offered anywhere else in the world today.

To begin, each applicant will be guided through a detailed information booklet and set of surgical videos. Next, they will progress to operating on constructed models while being provided with detailed feedback as they improve their technique. Then, the applicant will assist in, or perform with guidance, procedures on live patients.

Dr. Pollock emphasizes that each trainee must work towards acquiring knowledge and skills to be able to perform a safe and painless surgery that is of the highest aesthetic standard.

Next Steps

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in any of our banners and opportunities.

Our goal is to help doctors provide world class care and great outcomes for patients, and to make it as easy as possible to create a very successful focused practice.

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