Doctors Ask Us

Yes, participants in the program will have an exclusive territory. We will only train one doctor per territory. You will have the only Precisions Sexual Health Clinic for Men in your franchise area.

Training takes place at Dr. Pollock’s own clinic, Pollock Clinics, where thousands of treatments and procedures are performed each year.

Training generally requires two sessions of one week each. As soon as you confirm we will prepare a detailed schedule to work through the treatments and provide you with hands-on experience in diverse patient cases.

The dates of training can generally be set up at the convenience and preference of the applicant, within reason. Our doctors find the process straightforward and highly beneficial. Through our program, you will receive the opportunity to participate in a significant number of cases. Our goal is to ensure that you effectively learn the treatments and perform them meticulously and safely on your patients.

We are also happy to assist you with flights, accommodation and transfers to make the process as simple as possible.

There is some equipment needed such as a shockwave machine, blood centrifuge and tubes. Other items may already be part of your practice inventory.

We will source the necessary equipment and supplies for you, excluding any items you may already have in your facility.

The Precision package of men’s sexual health treatments offers an ideal combination of a high success rate for patients and a relatively low requirement for physician time. The business opportunity is strong because the revenue per hour is exceptional – and patient results are very good, so our men’s health treatments are a strong value for both patient and doctor.

Precision goes beyond other ED treatment programs to incorporate several complementary treatments that increase success rates, while permitting our clinics to offer treatments for conditions beyond just erectile dysfunction.

Because you will have an exclusive territory and other support related to branding, procedures, ongoing marketing support etc. this program is technically called a franchise. However, you will still be operating your own clinic and have the ability to determine how much time you plan to dedicate to men’s health treatments.

Most Precision franchisees have a gradual start and integrate men’s sexual health into their existing practice.

The standard model is to continue in your existing practice, dedicating a day a week to Precision initially.

As your men’s sexual health practice expands you will adapt and adjust.

Please send us your contact info on the application form so we can arrange a call for you and Dr. Pollock. He will answer your additional questions and provide additional detail on the Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men opportunity.

Our network covers the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia – and we expect to add additional countries in future.

There are hundreds of available markets, so please send us your coordinates so we can confirm a territory availability and provide you with additional information.

We will train you on the full set of treatments to maximize your opportunity. The best financial model is to offer all treatments.

The core treatments apply to multiple conditions, and have been carefully selected for complementarity. You will find that patients will be best served by having multiple treatment options.

Part of your unique differentiation as a Precision provider is that you are not limited to a single treatment modality for erectile dysfunction, and the ability to offer diverse treatment protocols will increase your success rate.

The benefits of being part of the Precision network are clear. You will have excellent training and support, full operational infrastructure organized for efficiency, and a world-class marketing package delivered by a dedicated and experienced team that has successfully marketed clinics just like yours in diverse markets.
Complete the quick online application now and we will schedule a call to present more details and answer any questions. Thanks.

What does a physician receive with the Precision program?

Our goal is to help doctors provide world class care and great outcomes for patients, and to make it as easy as possible to create a very successful men’s sexual health practice.


The core or our program is the world-class training on the treatments and procedures. Our unique and innovative treatment protocols will be taught to you one-on-one by an experienced physician.

Marketing Expertise

Even before you start training, your marketing program will be underway – starting with market research to determine an optimal web marketing and pricing strategy for your clinic.

Web Marketing

You will experience an exceptional service level with our approved web marketing vendor. Your online investment will generate a positive ROI very quickly and is a key driver to a fast ramp-up of your business.